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At DonutNV HQ, we talk to hundreds of potential franchisees each month. Some of the biggest questions that we consistently hear are “can I actually do this?” and “how am I going to get events?” We take great pride in the one-of-a-kind evolving brand that we’ve been building since 2014 that we are proud to offer as a franchise today.

As a new franchisee, our development team takes new franchisees through the on-boarding process, ensuring they are setup for success leading up to their official training at DonutNV University in Clermont, Florida. Pre-training work typically begins 30 days out from scheduled training, allowing new franchisees to lay the ground work in their area to get word out about their new business. Although daunting at first, we’ve created a system of checklists and ongoing support that ensures on-boarding isn’t daunting or scary.

DonutNV Advance, NC Franchisee Chris Doran & daughter Haley at Discovery Day

Sharing success stories is the most rewarding part of my role, and our latest franchisees Chris and Amber from Advance, North Carolina are headed to DonutNV University in just a few short weeks. Based on their experience of completing their pre-work, they’ve shared what it’s been like thus far preparing for their mobile unit launch and training at DonutNV University:

1. What was your biggest fear/s prior to signing on as a franchisee?

“First fear was not being able to book events. Second fear was worried if there was really a demand for mini donuts.”

2. How has the DonutNV team supported you in your preliminary work leading up to franchise training?

“From A-Z the DonutNV team is something special. They are not like any other franchise out there when it comes to support. Thousands of texts, phone calls and emails are always answered within minutes. I knew zero about franchises or donuts. The whole process has also been no pressure to buy in!”

3. Do you feel the tools and resources provided as part of the DonutNV pre-work have been helpful in preparing you to launch your new business?

“Yes everything has been laid out in a perfect plan. All you have to do is follow what’s already been created and proven.”

4. How many events have you been able to book for your new truck prior to training? Does this number fall below or above your expectations?

“70 and growing! Considering my biggest fear was not being able to book events, I’m saying NO before we are open because I’m already booked. I would say my expectations were met well beyond.”

5. What has the response been like from your local community as you prepare to launch your mobile until in the next few weeks?

“Overwhelmingly positive. I have had no problems or negativity at all. Our Facebook is approaching 500 likes and we are at almost 550 followers. From the people I’m booked with, they are as excited as we are to have us on site!”

6. What excites you most about coming to training?

“To learn the whole process and move forward on our donut journey!”

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