A Day In The Life of a DonutNV Franchisee – Featuring DonutNV Tampa, Florida!

Since launching their business in June 2021, Darlene and Luis of DonutNV Tampa and Riverview, Florida have built a donut-loving following in their local community. Darlene, a former insurance specialist, heads up day-to-day operations of their booming food truck business, while Luis provides ongoing operational support. The couple were the first active-duty military family to join the DonutNV Franchise Family, and have plans to continue growing their business and local footprint in 2022 and beyond.

The DonutNV franchise opportunity is unique in a franchisees’ ability to run their donut trailer as a mobile event business or as a semi-permanent bakery in a fixed location. Darlene and Luis’s business is located at the Tampa Premium Outlets, where the couple make donuts and fresh squeezed juices full-time with their family by their side. We asked them to share their experience since joining the DonutNV Franchise Family and how their business has impacted their local community:

1. What is your favorite part about owning your own DonutNV business?

“Our favorite part about owning a DonutNV business is being able to engage with the community.”

2. What was something that you originally thought would be difficult before starting your business that ended up being much easier than expected?

“We believed getting to book events and having customers would be the hardest part because we did not know what to expect. Now we have many loyal customers and so many people reaching out for future events.”

3. What are your plans to grow your business in 2022 and beyond?

“We plan to have our second truck running by the end of 2022, and hopefully even expand territory in the future.”

4. What’s your most popular donut topping on your truck?

“French Toast!”

5. If you had to do it all over again from the start, would you choose DonutNV?

“Yes! There is so much demand for mini donuts. It is such a novelty dessert food and everyone goes crazy over them. We have had so much positive feedback about our customers overall experience. The franchise itself has been super helpful throughout the whole process of the business being set up. I would definitely do it all over again!”

6. How do customers respond to your products? How do they respond to the truck appearance?

“Customers are always so supportive – they LOVE the idea of mini donuts being made fresh in front of their own eyes. It makes it a super fun experience for their whole family. The truck appearance is what catches everyone’s attention – it’s bright and very fun to look at. We catch our customers looking around the entire truck trying to find a picture of their favorite donut!”

7. Working with family has been a big part of your business structure since day 1. What impact has the business had on your family? Do you enjoy working with your family?

“The business has allowed us to manage our own hours and create fun ideas for holidays and events so that our customers continue to come back to try something new. Our family has been such a huge help every step of the way. Being able to be your own boss is the best part. Our family enjoys helping out and being a part of our ongoing success.”

8. Is there anything you’d like to share about you, your business or the DonutNV brand?

“We are just super thankful for the overall experience and the DonutNV brand. The overwhelming amount of support and positivity we have received has been amazing. We look forward to serving new areas, and getting to know more people!”

Interested in learning more about becoming a DonutNV franchisee? Get in touch with us at www.DonutNVFranchise.com and our team will follow up shortly!

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